What we do to combat spam and illegal activity on our network

3/27/21 - Alexander Popov

KolymaNet has long been at odds with spammers, hackers, and other undesirable people on the internet. We have recently become more keenly aware about the abuse of our services by cyber criminals to spread child abuse material, links to child abuse material, commercial advertisements, as well as malware, scams, and other illegal or undesirable content. Specifically, abuse of our free hosting service by these individuals or organizations to create forum websites, which are spammed on other forum websites for the purpose of harvesting and selling user data and collecting child abuse material.

Since the start of this year, we have terminated 146 user accounts and websites for breaking the Kolyma Network Global Policy, today, we terminated dozens more for violating these. This is all part of a new effort to crack down on spam on imageboards and textboards, read more about this effort @ spam.kolyma.org.

Starting today, and from every day hereon, the Kolyma Network will begin more heavily enforcing these rules, and more closely collaborating with law enforcement organizations to capture and arrest cyber criminals. If you want to help, please consider enlisting in the Kolyma Network.